Image credit:  Giovanni Federzoni

Image credit:  Giovanni Federzoni

Billion Bricks is an organisation with a vision where no one is homeless in this world and everyone has equal access to social and economic opportunities.

NEW: Request for Proposal


Billion Bricks is inviting proposals from community and community based organisations to support and collaborate with them on building projects that are targeted to have direct benefits for the homeless and people in extreme poverty. Building design projects should help in poverty alleviation through any of the following ways-

1. homes and shelters
2. schools or institutions that impart education or job skills
3. medical centres or hospitals
4. community or multipurpose centres


Building our first shelters for homeless boys and girls in Mumbai, India

We are working with Salaam Baalak Trust, Mumbai and Bombay Municipal Corporation to restore and design the space at the existing buildings given for housing the children at night and for day care activities with them. Once completed, almost 200 children from age 6 to 17 will be taken off the roads and pavements in Mumbai. These children will additionally be supported through admissions in schools, recreational activities at the centers, provision of food, shelter, medical aid and a safe environment. Join us to make this happen. Submit your pledge now.

An ideas competition to count and map the homeless in our Cities

Ideatory and Billion Bricks are organising an ideas competition to count and map the homeless. The current data about the number of homeless and where they live in our cities is very poor in quality. Billion Bricks is looking to create dynamic open source maps that can help to provide targeted assistance to the homeless in urban areas. More details on the competition can be found here. The deadline for submission is 25 May 2014.